technology and I do not go hand in hand.

I have been receiving notifications a visits to my side can I thank you however until today I have been and able to actually get into my site . This is most likely because my host is in the UK and I will soon need to switch over to a European host as brexit looms. All I am hoping is that you are safe, calm, content , and ready to move ahead as the Age of Aquarius is upon us.

It is interesting that at the age of 63, I am still repeating lessons, with regards to to patience. I have had a broken ankle karma had the same ankle be broken again in require surgery, had a shoulder replacement karma and lately go on my knee while training someone by a video and had a giant hematoma which required 3 to 4 months of rest. I am learning to take this rest in stride as it must mean that I need to pause and look somewhere else in my life to be busy and I am using abstract art as my fill in occupation. I suppose we can all learn something new or keep repeating the same lesson over and over as that is probably what our time on earth is all about. Have a great day

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